You know you need a restaurant hood in your kitchen for the safety of your employees and patrons, as well as to meet laws and requirements of your state. But why are these devices so important for protecting chefs and other kitchen staff from a fire? AllFire Services wants you to understand why fire protection equipment is so vital. Here’s a rundown of how restaurant hoods work and why you need to keep them maintained at all times.

  • Restaurant hoods remove heat, grease, and smoke – Hoods help clear out smoke and heat as chefs cook in your kitchen. They’ll also remove grease that’s trapped in the air. Removing these elements (or reducing their presence in the air) will reduce the risk of fire. It will likely keep your staff more comfortable, too!
  • They helps clear out odors – Since they draw air out of the kitchen, hoods help keep odors away. This creates a more pleasant environment for your staff and also keeps the dining areas of your restaurant smelling fresh.
  • They’re critical for suppressing a fire – Most importantly, restaurant hoods are one of your first fire suppression tools. This is the main reason why commercial restaurant building codes require this type of fire equipment. Restaurant kitchens are at a high risk for a fire risk. While your staff will certainly be trained in how to avoid a fire, a hood is a valuable line of defense. It decreases the chances of a fire getting out of hand or from breaking out in the first place.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to this important piece of equipment. AllFire Services installs, cleans, and services restaurant hoods in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We’ll also help you develop a fire safety plan for your restaurant. Call to learn more, to schedule maintenance, or to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service.