Work can be stressful – but the everyday things that frustrate us are nothing compared to the real stress of a fire in the workplace. However, knowing what to do if this should happen will reduce this stress. Most importantly, it can help save lives – including yours. Learning how to use a commercial fire extinguisher is a start. However, there are other essential fire safety practices you need to know about. Here at AllFire Services, we want to make sure you can safeguard your workers and clients. Here are four things you should do in the event of a workplace fire:

  1. Alert the building – As soon as you notice an office fire, stop what you’re doing and pull the fire alarm. Alerting others about the danger is always the top priority. It will allow everyone in the building a chance to get out of danger quickly.
  2. Determine the best route out – Next, help those around you find the best way out. Your company should already have a fire safety plan that includes this information. Remember to never enter rooms that have hot door handles. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Most of all, always make sure the evacuation route is clear by moving desks, boxes, and other items out of the way.
  3. Follow PASS – If you decide to use a commercial fire extinguisher, make sure you follow OSHA’s PASS technique: pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep.
  4. Get out if it’s too dangerous– Finally, if the fire gets bigger, get out. Your safety is more important than anything in your office. Remember, if your fire safety equipment doesn’t work, don’t take it upon yourself to find other methods to put it out. Let the fire department will handle the fire.

Get prepared by buying a commercial fire extinguisher and other safety equipment for your office by contacting AllFire Services. Our staff is here to help you have the safest workplace possible.