Knowing how to use a commercial fire extinguisher in your workplace is critical for the safety of everyone in your building. However, there are times when it’s too dangerous to stick around to use one. Here at AllFire Services, we provide businesses with fire safety equipment, training, and other services. Our primary goal is to help you and others get out of an emergency situation both safely and quickly. Here are some conditions that call for an immediate evacuation of your workplace:

  • Large fires – When it comes to fire, be safe before you’re brave. You should never tackle a large-sized fire, even if you’re an expert on how to use your workplace’s commercial fire extinguisher. A large fire can and will spread fast and you need to be far away from it. Let the fire department tackle a raging fire. You can help by alerting others about the emergency and guiding them away from it.
  • Non-breathable air – You’ll need to leave quickly if the air around you is too smoky, making it painful to breathe. Smoke is considered more dangerous than the fire itself, and being unable to breathe will prevent you from properly using the extinguisher. If you’re struggling to take a breath, get out quickly.
  • Extreme heat – Heat can be just as dangerous and deadly as the flames themselves. If the area around you is getting hot due to a nearby fire, you and your colleagues need to leave right away.
  • A clear evacuation route – Finally, if you have a clear way out of the building, don’t go for the extinguisher. Just get out quickly and safely while alerting others to the open exit route. Your life is more important than any item in your workplace. Get away from the fire and call the fire department.

Contact AllFire Services if you should need a commercial fire extinguisher or fire safety training in your workplace. We want to make sure you and your staff know how to escape a fire should one occur in your workplace.